Beginner’s Guide to Social Media Marketing in Real Estate

Social media marketing is taking the business world by storm, and with good reason. Almost everyone today has a smartphone and a social media account. It is not only being used for connecting with people but also for shopping and business. 

Real estate companies want to harness the opportunity and generate leads through this marketing strategy. The use of social media marketing in real estate is ideal for prospective buyers who want help during the process of house hunting. It helps build a connection with a client before contacting them directly. It is a great way for a business to build credibility. 

Use Media

Media is an effective way to capture the attention of anyone who has the same interests as you. Any buyer looking for properties will automatically stop at your post to see what the content is about. If they find it relevant, they might decide to engage your services and come in contact directly. 

Using photos and videos on social media pages is important to attract customers. Edited photos and stock photos can only help to a limited extent. Videos are a great way to manage expectations and generate leads

For Advertising 

Advertising through major platforms is great because the ads will only be visible to people who have an interest in the particular niche. It will get you more engagement. 

Additionally, the ads also allow for redirects either to your website or to your social media page. Either way, make sure to have a call to action at every step of the day to convert the engagement into leads. Advertising should also mention your special suits and how you can help the buyer. 

Use the Right Hashtags

A lot of engagement is driven through hashtags. Not using the right hashtags can significantly limit the post’s reach. Many prominent social media platforms have the option of following hashtags. So, if the business misses out on anything, it might lose some prospective clients. It is, therefore, crucial to know the relevant hashtags and use them appropriately.

Additionally, just because you are using hashtags doesn’t mean that the caption can be ignored. It is imperative to have something relevant to the media posted as a caption to allow people to see the content as relevant. It can be a call to action or a witty remark – a caption should catch the attention when the hashtag has maximized its reach. 

Create Original Content

Posting listings is very important to drive business. However, mixing it up with some entertaining content will increase engagement and followers. Creating content is essential for businesses nowadays. They have to appeal to their followers. 

It is a great way to show the soul behind a business and show that you are passionate about the job and not only about making money. Creating informative and witty content is a way to build trust and a connection with prospective buyers even before they contact you. Original content on trending videos of formats is another way to get more people to see it. 


Ensure that you make good use of social media marketing in real estate as a beginner. Hopping onto popular trends might be the easiest way to boost engagement, but creating original content will get you more leads. Create a space that caters to buyers and sellers and focuses on your demographic. Using the right hashtags and advertising techniques will help get the right page and website traffic.