Everything You Should Know About Horn Chestnut-Shaped Features In Men

What Are Horn Chestnut Shaped Lips?

Diving deeper into lip surgery as more than simply a passing trend, people accept different lip preferences ranging from horn chestnut shaped for men (ปากกระจับ ผู้ชาย, which is a term in Thai), thin and thick lips; liposuction has become increasingly common among Asian males; this technique often used when seeking fuller lips is reversed to achieve plumper results.

Attribute beautiful lips on Earth to surgeons! Cosmetic procedures aimed at creating celebrity horn-chestnut lips have gained much-needed prominence within medicine, garnering extensive media coverage. Aptly named the Horn Chestnut method of lip surgery, these procedures produce stunning protrusion in the center of top lips by carefully extracting tissue from both left and right sections with care.

Concerns have surfaced online regarding lip reduction surgery despite all of its promise and enthusiasm, leading some individuals to fear their upper lips may thin so significantly when people smile that their lips nearly vanish when showing them, reminding us to maintain equilibrium when striving to attain beauty.

Post-Care After The Horn Chestnut-Shaped Treatment

After any treatment, there has to be some kind of care depending on the treatment; let us put some light on the post-care after chestnut lip surgery treatment:

  • Start slowly when it comes to dental care. Instead of brushing daily, use saline solution or clean water to gently rinse your teeth after each meal (and don’t forget snacks, too!).
  • Maintain focus during the first two weeks by carefully opening and closing lips only occasionally.
  • Before your surgery, give yourself some rest by preceding both alcohol and nicotine for at least two weeks. This should help alleviate anxiety about what lies ahead.
  • Wait to wash and apply makeup until all stitches have come out; use water sparingly and carefully; consider using cleansing pads soaked with toner to cleanse gently; finally, moisturizer and sunscreen may provide additional support to your skin as much as possible.
  • Avoiding high-intensity activities such as sports for six to eight weeks to lower adrenaline levels can help manage it more effectively.
  • While in recovery mode, choose bland beverages or soft meals to soothe your palate and decrease any associated discomfort.
  • Stay hydrated by drinking enough water daily and giving your straw a break every so often to relieve excess pressure, keeping yourself hydrated without excessive strain on its plastic tubes.
  • Be the best patient possible by following your doctor’s advice and staying on course.