Focusing on Communication Compliance

Proper communication is pivotal in ensuring company success and growth. This is especially true for organizations that use communication channels like texts and calls for day-to-day exchange of information and context.

Fortunately, there are technological advances that businesses can navigate and utilize. Switching face-to-face interaction to using social media platforms to connect and talk is now on the rise, especially during the pandemic.

With the simplicity of this instant messaging solution, it is important to monitor SMS as this can pose legal compliance for a company.

What is Communication Compliance

Each company has its own set of rules for maintaining their communication records. With communication compliance, this data should be monitored by regulated firms.

Even before the SEC and FINRA require businesses to archive, monitor, and capture messages and calls. Customer communications are data that can prove that your company does not engage in any fraudulent activities.

Hence, companies must retain all communication in a manner that should be accessed easily and can be retrieved.

How to Ensure You Remain Compliant

With professional archiving solutions like Verizon SMS archiving, you can ensure that you provide necessary action with your compliance needs. The right archiving solution will automatically capture and archive all your communication data regardless of your platform.

With Verizon text archiving, you can guarantee that all business communication can be archived as this searches employees’ mobile messages in any on-prem and cloud storage.


Compliance with public records laws, FINRA, and SEC can be challenging as you will have to comply with their evolving regulations. However, this also possesses advantages for your company.

Being compliant with regulatory requirements can build trust among clients and business partners. It also allows you to protect your employees as they can avoid any lengthy investigations during financial audits and SEC sweeps.