Why Are Dental Implants a Better Option than False Dentures?

Many people nowadays choose dental implants over removable dentures because of their popularity. The numerous benefits of dental implants are the main reason for this. If you are trying to decide between dental implants and dentures, this will explain the benefits of dental implants from a New Bern dentist.

For what reasons are dental implants preferable to false teeth?

  • Dental implants are remarkably lifelike in appearance and sensation. They are titanium screws that are inserted into the jawbone. An implant acts as an anchor for a future crown or bridge by mimicking the structure of a natural tooth root. Since they are not as bulky as dentures, you will not have trouble biting or speaking with them.
  • In terms of aesthetics, dental implants are head and shoulders above dentures. They will fit in with your existing teeth effortlessly because they appear and feel like natural teeth. Conversely, dentures typically have a plastic shape that is easy to notice, making blending with your natural teeth more challenging.
  • Dental implants are likewise head and shoulders above the competition regarding biting force. Dental implants give a more stable bite force and are surgically placed into the jaw so you can confidently bite down on fibrous, crunchy, and hard foods. Eating some meals when you have dentures might be challenging because of the increased risk of movement when biting. 
  • Dental implants aid in bone regeneration, which is another significant advantage. The condition of the bone around a missing tooth deteriorates over time because it is no longer utilized. This can cause bone resorption, a new disorder that can make the face look sunken. The fusion of dental implants to the jawbone and subsequent stimulation of bone growth helps to halt the advancement of bone loss. 
  • Compared to dentures, dental implants also need less maintenance in terms of cleanliness. Dental implants need regular brushing and flossing, but unlike dentures, you may keep them in place while you clean them. Just like always, brush your teeth and floss. By doing this, you can save a lot of time and energy.
  • Lastly, the longevity of optimal dental implants is a significant benefit. Unlike dentures, which need regular adjustment or replacement, dental implants last a long time. With the proper maintenance, they can endure for decades, if not a lifetime. The total cost will be lower since you will not need to replace your implants as often.
  • Finally, instead of spending a fortune on false teeth, have dental implants. They are superior in hygiene, bite force, longevity, and bone regeneration. It would be foolish to discount the indisputable advantages of dental implants just because they are more costly than dentures.